Aerial Filming and Photography



We supply professional photography and filming services across the UK and beyond. If you require aerial photography or motion footage, we can help. we have an in house imaging team ready to work with you on your project, or we can fly freelance photographers and film makers.


We recently worked with King James School, Knaresborough, to provide their aerial photography solution.

Aerial Filming and Coordination

With decades of experience coordinating the integration of helicopters with television and film productions, we have the experience and skills to work with your production teams as we have on numerous projects over the last 30 years.

In House Photography and Filmmaking

We create aerial photography and film footage for a variety of clients. We use Canon EOS digital camera systems and lenses to deliver high quality photography.

Open door filming – we use hand held, stabilised Canon EOS Cinema super 35 format cameras and Canon lenses to deliver footage in HD format to clients. We also offer in house editing using Adobe Premiere with delivery in whatever format you require. We can work with your teams to deliver the aerial elements or we can produce complete short films ready for use.

We take care or everything from camera systems and crew to special permissions, safety, briefings, through editing and final delivery of the finished project.

Here is only a small example of the footage we are capable of creating, filmed over the Lake District.

Drones – Perfect Low Level Aerial Solutions

UAV’s or drones have become the must have cinematographic tool required by Directors and DOP’s for documentaries, commercials, Tv drama and films.

Being a fraction of the cost of a real helicopter and instantly more accessible, drones can now fly the 4K cameras and sensors necessary to supply the output and workflow to match even the most demanding of productions.

Flying from ground level up to 400ft in altitude, 500m horizontally, outdoors, indoors and at night, productions are able to fly cameras in places and proximities never before possible. Aerial sequences add immense epic value to any production but when applied by a drone, clients suddenly have a huge three axis dolly and crane in the air.

Add an experienced aerial team and a seasoned cinematographer into the mix, Hields Aviation are able to provide a unique and bespoke service to clients in the north, nationally and overseas.