Learn To Fly a Helicopter

Our base at Sherburn in Elmet Aerodrome is an ideal and friendly location to learn to fly, away from congested International Airports. This also means that all of the time in the aircraft is beneficial, with no positioning time to a suitable training location. We are the only Helicopter Operator on the airfield with limited number of aircraft, giving us the freedom and space to learn in a safe and efficient environment.

NEWS.  We have opened a new base at Leeds Bradford Airport.  We can now offer both Helicopter tuition and Fixed-Wing tuition from LBA with the bonus of utilising our home base at Sherburn in Elmet.  Call for further information.

Sherburn office.  01977 680206.

Leeds office.  0113 8980457.

Sherburn Airfield      

You don’t need any previous experience to learn to fly. We take it from the very basics and as time progresses you will learn the skills required to fly a Robinson R44 or a Bell 505 helicopter alone. In fact, we’re the only operator in the UK to provide training on the Bell 505!

Once qualified as a Private Helicopter Pilot, PPL(H), you hold the privilege to fly with friends and family whether it be for business or pleasure.

The minimum requirements are as follows and everything done in house:

  • minimum of 45 hours total flying time
  • minimum of 10 hours solo flying time (of which 5 have to be navigation)
  • successful completion of the theoretical examinations (can be taken at Sherburn)
  • a Class 2 Medical Certificate (can be taken at Sherburn)
  • a Radiotelephony Licence (can be taken at Sherburn)

What do you do once you have achieved your Helicopter Pilot’s Licence?

Once you have your helicopter pilot’s licence you will probably want to use it to take your friends and family for lunch, or fly to a business meeting without joining queues of traffic.  Not everybody wants to own their own helicopter and ‘self-fly hiring‘ one of ours is simple and cost-effective.

You can purchase your first lesson today by following the link: helicopter trial lesson gift certificates

This general guide and FAQ answers many of the questions we are often asked by people interested in learning to fly helicopters however if you need more information please don’t hesitate to contact using the below methods.


Helicopter Type Ratings

Why not add another helicopter type to your licence?

In addition to the R44 helicopter, we offer type ratings and training on the Bell 505, Bell 206 Jet Ranger, Bell 47 aircraft.


  • Minimum 5 hours Flight Time on type.
  • Type-specific Theoretical Knowledge examination.
  • Pass a proficiency check with our in house examiner.