Helicopter Simulator

Our Bell Jetranger Flight Simulator is a great helicopter flying experience gift and fun way to try your hand at flying a helicopter while staying on the ground. Totally different to the keyboard operated computer game you have at home, our helicopter simulator is the real thing and is regularly used for training helicopter pilots for emergency procedures. Flight simulator gift certificates make wonderful helicopter flying experiences for the aviation enthusiast in your life

Helicopter simulator in Yorkshire
Anyone can fly a helicopter in our Bell Jetranger Helicopter Simulator

The simulator has a full Jetranger cockpit layout complete with all of the helicopter controls, plus computer generated imaging for a highly authentic flight feel. Try your hand at flying around downtown Chicago or the skyscrapers of New York as our flight sim instructor recreates the city layout, while adding changing weather conditions. Best of all, if you make a mistake, we simply push the reset button!

The Bell Jetranger simulator makes a great gift for the helicopter enthusiast in your life. You can buy individual flight simulator experiences, or make a group booking with friends and compete against each other to see who is the best helicopter pilot, a great family present.

Combine your Jetranger Flight Simulator session with a pleasure flight from our aerodrome and experience what it’s like to fly in a helicopter for real.

Helicopter Simulator gifts in Yprkshire