Learn To Fly Fixed Wing Aircraft

Learn To Fly in Yorkshire at Leeds Bradford Airport

There is no feeling quite like taking the controls of an aircraft and enjoying the freedom to fly like a bird, whilst appreciating the amazing views of Yorkshire beneath you. It is an experience which stays with you for a lifetime.

At Hields Aviation we offer a number of flying lessons / courses at Yorkshire’s Leeds Bradford Airport, which enables you to realise your dream of becoming a pilot, whether solely for recreational purposes, or with an aim to progress onto further advanced training and eventually a flying career. The only prerequisites learning to fly are that you are reasonably fit and healthy and have lots of enthusiasm. It is often said if you can drive a car, you can almost certainly fly a plane.



The Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) is recognised worldwide, and allows the licence holder to fly any European registered aircraft anywhere in the world. It allows for up to 18 passengers to be carried on a non-commercial basis, in an aircraft weighing up to 5.75 tonnes.

A PPL holder can also add further ratings which will enable flying at night, or flying in cloud with sole reference to the instruments. The training course requires a minimum of 45 hours flying training, which include at least 25 hours of dual flight instruction and 10 hours of solo flight time (of which 5 hours is cross country flying). There are also a number of theoretical knowledge exams to complete, which can be done as you progress with your training. Our highly experienced and qualified instructors are on-hand to provide guidance and support through all aspects of your ground training, and examinations are conducted on site.

These exams include the following topics:

  1. Air Law
  2. Human Performance
  3. Meteorology
  4. Communications
  5. Aircraft General Knowledge
  6. Flight Performance & Planning
  7. Navigation
  8. Principles of Flight
  9. Operational Procedures



The European Light Aircraft Pilot’s Licence (LAPL) was introduced in 2012 as a way to reduce the requirements and cost of gaining a pilot’s licence. Medical requirements are also more relaxed. The training course consists of a minimum of 30 hours flying training, including 15 hours of dual instruction and 6 hours solo (of which 3 hours is cross-country flying). The same nine theoretical exams as in the PPL course must also be completed.

The LAPL is ideal for pilots who wish to fly recreationally, anywhere within the UK and much of Europe. It allows for up to 3 passengers to be carried, in an aircraft weighing up to 2 tonnes. A night rating can also be added to the LAPL, but flight is restricted to good weather only. A LAPL holder can also upgrade their licence to a full PPL licence at any time with further training.

Cessna 172S

Cessna 172S Cockpit

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