Leeds Bradford

The new facility at Leeds Bradford International airport is primarily for fixed-wing training. We operate Cessna 172S Skyhawk aircraft which are fully ‘Instrument Rated’ and are fitted with ‘Auto-pilot’ facility.

The PPL training from LBA is essential for maximum confidence when operating from an International Airport. The general operating procedures, coupled with the radio-telephony between pilots, the tower, and air traffic control, will guarantee confidence to use similar large airports both nationally and internationally. As the students progress to instrument approach procedures, they will naturally feel at home from Leeds. It is essential for adventurous private pilots, and pilots aspiring to future airline careers.

In addition other training airfields are accessible to Hields students for small, ‘uncontrolled’ club procedures, take-offs and landings. Different airfields currently used are the tarmac configurations at Leeds East Airport, (Former RAF Church Fenton), Beverley airfield, (Linley Hill), grass strips, and of course Sherburn Airfield, which has both grass and tarmac surfaces available.

Helicopter training can be conducted from Leeds, however, the 30 year established school at Sherburn Aerodrome out to the East, is more suitable for all the helicopter training exercises at low level, so any budding helicopter student would be swiftly flown, (10 mins), from the international airport to the helicopter school.

Leeds Bradford Flight Training Centre