PPL Ground School

Hields Aviation is delighted to offer a 5 day PPL Ground School at its Leeds Bradford Airport flight school.

Classroom facilities are modern and comfortable and appropriately at Leeds Bradford’s busy aviation hub. Next door is the popular Multiflight Café, offering excellent tasty choices of well-prepared food and drinks. We’ll even pay for your lunch and your parking in the adequate safe parking area right outside our door.

All 9 examinations are addressed with training, questions and answers and approved examination. Practical FRTOL (Radio Licence) is offered at the facility just next door to our training site.

Prior to the training, students will be required to complete the self-study elements of the training by reading the appropriate material with our guidance. Then you should attend the course which provides all the information to successfully complete the examinations confidently and with the minimum of fuss. Our aim is to make flying the pleasure it should be whether you’re flying for fun or working towards a career as a pilot.

Our ground school allows for room to develop your understanding about your flying choices. Course dates will be provided on request and you will be working with other student pilots allowing you to share your knowledge and realise that any concerns you may have are often shared by your fellow students. There is no such thing as a daft question except the question you didn’t ask.

The Hields Aviation PPL Ground School is in the right place, makes best use of your time, and is designed to provide the necessary level of knowledge for safe flying and ensure your success in obtaining your licence. You can call us and ask any question about your choices to become a pilot.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

We can source local accommodation for you if required.

Ground School Training

Ground School for PPL