To all our Dear Customers & Students of Hields Aviation Fixed Wing & Helicopter Flight training centre.

Firstly we hope you are all keeping safe and well during these unprecedented times.

We appreciate that it is difficult for everybody at the moment, and nobody can be sure how the future will develop once we are rid of this awful problem.

Flying may be the last thing, or the first thing on your mind, but once we are able to operate again without restriction, we hope to start working again as normally as possible. Safety is paramount at the moment, so we will not be taking any risks.

If you are not already aware the CAA have put out several notices with regards to licences, training and medicals, and if you have any questions then please check the CAA Website.

In summary however here are some points of interest:

Theoretical Exams

Candidates who have already started their Flight Crew Theoretical Knowledge Examination, will be permitted an additional 6 months as long as they have sat at least one exam before the 19th March.  Please look up document notice 1353 on the CAA Website or email us for a copy.


So for those that do have licences are exempted if they expire on or after 16 March 2020 and before 31 October, which may be extended to 22 November 2020.  Please look up document notice 1374 on CAA Website or email us for a copy.

The above also applies to your medicals.

We hope to be up and running again very soon and look forward to seeing everyone and getting airborne!!

Keep studying the theory as this is the best time to get that knowledge under your belt and you’ll be ready to breeze through those exams.

If you have any concerns please let us know and we will try our best to help.

Please feel free to contact us on:

0113 898 0457 Fixed Wing

01977 680206 Helicopters


Stay safe, stay at home,
Rob & Sam and all the Hields Team