Sometimes people contact us to talk about buying a helicopter flying trial lesson as a gift for someone. They may be concerned about the cost of flying helicopters or even whether the person they’re buying the helicopter gift for might actually like it. In fact, a trial helicopter lesson from our base at Sherburn in Yorkshire makes a really exciting gift. Here are the top reason people choose to buy helicopter trial flights as gifts.

1. It’s a unique challenge. Proprietor Rob Hields often says that there is no such thing as a natural helicopter pilot. While some people may possess above average eye – hand coordination and pick up things more quickly than others, the unique way that a helicopter is controlled by the pilot means that you will be learning a skill like no other. We teach helicopter pilots from, quite literally, all walks of life.

The unique controls of a helicopter can be mastered by many different people

The unique controls of a helicopter can be mastered by people from all walks of life

2. You can bring some friends. Many helicopter training schools use the smaller two seat Robinson R22 helicopter. Our preference for training on the Robinson R44 helicopter means that you can bring along two extra friends to share the experience as passengers. Our professional instructor pilots will let everyone sit in on the pre flight briefing so that everyone can gain an insight into how helicopters work.

Our Robinson R44 helicopters allow you to bring friends along on your trial flight

Our Robinson R44 helicopters allow you to bring friends along on your trial flight

3. They are way cooler than supercars. If you’re trying to find a gift for a more adventurous person, then the chances are they may well have driven in a supercar driving experience day, tried sky diving and other adventure experience gifts. While everyone likes a nice high performance car, there is something totally unique about helicopter flight that makes it, in our view, the best way to travel. Once you’ve tried a helicopter experience gift, it will change the way you think about flying.

4. Even the most nervous passenger will enjoy flying. Many people are nervous of flying in airliners. Almost without exception, this is because they don’t feel in control and the only view they have is from a tiny porthole window. On a trial helicopter lesson, our professional instructor pilots will give you a comprehensive briefing before you set off and explain exactly what will be happening. Once you take control of the helicopter under their guidance, the nerves disappear as you begin to acquire this unique skill.

The view from helicopters is panoramic

The view from helicopters is panoramic

5. The view is spectacular. Our Robinson helicopters give a panoramic view from below waist height all the way to the roof and our pilots fly you at a height that means you can actually recognise landmarks from the air and enjoy an aerial guided tour. We are proud to have flown some nervous passengers who were so taken by their trial flight that they subsequently came back and learned to fly helicopters.

So there really is no ‘typical’ helicopter pilot. Over the decades that Rob Hields has been operating his helicopter business, he has trained literally hundreds of pilots to fly helicopters. If you know someone that you think would enjoy a trial helicopter lesson, you’re probably correct. Our trial lesson vouchers can be bought online and are valid for ten months from the date of issue which gives everyone plenty of time to pick a day to come flying with us.

We fly people from all walks of life!

There really is no typical helicopter pilot. We fly people from all walks of life!