Helicopter Trial Lesson for 30 Minutes + Two Free Passengers

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A great way to try your hand at flying helicopters for the first time. Our base at Sherburn Aerodrome is perfect for Yorkshire helicopter flights and for training student pilots, allowing us to train away from busy airline traffic and time wasting ground holding. Your instructor will give a pre-flight briefing to explain the controls of the helicopter, then you will take to the air in our Robinson R44 helicopter. Your flying instructor will demonstrate the controls, can take control and experience helicopter flight for yourself. Best of all, because our Robinson R44 helicopters are four seat machines, can also bring along two friends who can observe your flying from the rear seats.

If you’ve ever wanted to fly a helicopter or know someone who would, this is the perfect gift for anyone with an enthusiasm for flight. The two additional places are perfect for friends or family who might also be interested, or simply wish to critique your skills! Our professional instructors will coach you through the early stages and show just how satisfying becoming a helicopter pilot can be.


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What’s included…

Yorkshire Helicopter flights. Our trial lessons are the perfect way to experience a taste of the freedom of becoming a helicopter pilot. Whether a once in a lifetime experience, a fantastic gift or if you’re considering helicopter training, a trial lesson is the perfect way to begin. Best of all, our Robinson R44 helicopters seat four people, so you can bring two other people along for the flight for free.

Our trial lessons include a ground briefing with your professional instructor pilot before the flight. Our helicopter pads are right outside of our office doorway, where you will depart from a local helicopter flight with your instructor explaining the basics of flying helicopters as you take the controls to experience helicopter flying for the first time.
Basic helicopter training is conducted almost exclusively on our Robinson R44 helicopters, which is the type you will most likely fly if you decide to train as a pilot. Should you decide to train, the flight time from this trial flight will count towards your qualification.

At the end of your experience you will receive a certificate as proof of your achievement.